Spread the Love. 10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love and Affection.

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It’s time to come clean. I’m a romantic at heart. I always root for the underdog. Star crossed lovers? Well, they should be together forever. Mulder and Scully? Shipped. Ross and Rachel? Shipped. McDreamy and Meredith, …between us, we could come up with dozens more I’m sure.

Now that I’ve come clean, you won’t be surprised to learn that one of my favorite things is hooking up spouses and significant others with gifts. Anniversaries, birthdays, and of course the holiday of love itself; Valentine’s Day. I may have even played a part in your last Christmas surprise.

It’s fun. I love being a tiny part of something special. It’s another way that we connect and our stories collide, and often it’s the hubby that sneaks back into my booth when the wife takes the kids to the park and says, “That bracelet that my wife liked? Do you still have it? She won’t spend the money on herself, but her birthday is coming up and she needs this.”

Seriously! It gets me like 💕.

Requests run the gamut. Sometimes people know exactly what the other wants, and other times I’m searching through weeks of Facebook posts to see what a wife or a girlfriend was ‘liking’ to offer suggestions for the gift. Other times I’m researching a particular stone’s significance and trying to convey just the right message.

This time of year, you can imagine I’m getting lots of questions about stones that symbolize love, and affection. So, for Valentine’s day, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love to take the guesswork out of choosing the right gift! (You’re welcome!) Although, this list is a great reference ANY TIME you want to send a gift with love as the message.

(Just a side note: many of these stones have a wide range of symbolism or healing characteristics. This is not meant to be a full list of properties for the stones, but only those that connect most heavily with connotations of love. If you would like to know more about the stones I can direct you to several good resources for more information.)

If you find this list helpful, be sure to leave a comment after the article. I’d love to know if you enjoyed reading!

10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


1) Rose Quartz – Symbolizes romance,
self-love, and acceptance. It is also the
stone of forgiveness and encourages
one to open their hearts.


10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


2) Amethyst – It is said that amethyst
calms the mind and opens the heart.
The stone also encourages contentment,
healing, happiness, and love.


10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


3) Garnet – Garnet is the stone of sensuality.
Its beautiful red color is symbolic of
passion, inspiration, love, and romance.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


4) Moonstone – Moonstone is more of a
protective stone, and is thought to aid in
attracting love and affection.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


5) Ruby – Associated with romantic love
and love of self. Strengthens the physical
and emotional heart.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love

6) Diamond –
Obviously this one has to
make the list, but believe it or not, it was
not in the top 5. The diamond is a traditional
symbol of purity and innocence, as well as
love and fidelity.


10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


7) Emerald – Called the “Stone of Successful Love”.
Emerald opens and nurtures the heart. It
also inspires unconditional love.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


8) Sapphire – This is often the stone used to
pledge love. Said to symbolize new love and
gifted as a sign of commitment and fidelity.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


9) Pink Tourmaline – Symbolizes self-love,
emotional balance, joy, and happiness.



10 Semi-precious Stones that Symbolize Love


10) Lapis – Believed to enhance love and
fidelity within marriage. Lapis is also a stone
of friendship and brings harmony in
relationships through communication.


  1. Kimberly Flemming
    February 9, 2019

    I look forward to the summer art fairs & Susan (daisy chains) with her unique, artful & beautiful jewelry.
    I own many from her collection. The cool thing is I can wear more than one of her pieces together creating different looks…so versatile, so fun to wear!!

    • Susan Collick
      February 10, 2019

      I love your visits, Kimberly! Thanks for the kind words. =)

  2. amy cowan
    February 10, 2019

    My summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without making some purchases of Daisy Chains. The pieces I wear ALL the time were made by Susan. Love, love, love!

    • Susan Collick
      February 11, 2019

      I cannot wait to see you this July, Amy! Thank you so much! <3


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