Valentine’s Day + A Few Thoughts on Love

Posted on Feb 13, 2024 in General News & Info | 4 Comments

In the Collick household, we aren’t much for Hallmark holidays, especially now that the kids are older. And you’ll notice that I don’t really push Valentine’s day in my business either.

I’m not against 2/14, I just think that love should be every day. No reason to get stingy with it, right? Little gestures to show people how much you care go a long way regardless the month on the calendar.

Speaking of love, I read an article the other day and it really hit home for me so I thought I’d share. The article was about the difference between self care, and self love. The article included ways to show yourself love…and expressed that it was easier said than done, because it takes actual work to get there. Suggesting things like giving yourself grace, allowing yourself to be seen, and processing your feelings. <ugh, this does sound like a bit of work, lol> Of course, I can see how these practices fall to the wayside for nurturers. It’s easy to neglect ourselves when we are busy taking care of others.

It also gave a huge helping of ways to use self care as a way to show self love. And not the typical, ‘buy the shoes, eat the cake’ advice we so often get from articles that use superficial comforts as a way to express the two. (I’ll include a link to the article at the end, in case you’d like to read it)

But, this article got me thinking about the awesome group of nurturers in this community. The DCJ family is filled with women who are strong, resilient, hard-working, caring, giving, loving, and nurturing. I’ve known some of you for almost 25 years. In that time life has dealt its ups and downs to all of us. We’ve raised families, experienced heartbreak, health issues, empty nests, changing careers, taking care of our parents, divorce, weddings and yes, loss. And countless other hard things. Through it all we’ve grown into ourselves, matured in ways we never expected. I wonder though, how do we show up for ourselves? Are we?

So I thought I would take a few minutes to send some love to you, my DCJ family. I wanted you to know that I see you. You are important to me.

I hope you take time every day to show the world your authentic, beautiful self. ❤️

If you’re like me, it’s a little out of your comfort zone. But, I’d love for you to leave a comment with ways you show yourself the ‘love’. Or, habits you’d like to start to help take care of you. Maybe together we can support each other in an effort to take better care of ourselves in body + mind + spirit.

xo, Suz

P.S. And…so that you know I’m all in, I’ll start: This year I am going to stop putting my own health second. It’s a bad habit I got into when life was crazy with three small kids, and a business/household to run. Now I have no excuses! And, as I started last year, I’m going to continue to set more work/life boundaries. Your turn, comment below!

P.P.S. Oh!…and here’s the article from Outside+. I hope it resonates with you as much as it does with me.



  1. Melody McCrindle
    February 13, 2024

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Suz! I’ve always been a gift/card giver. However it’s harder for me to get out with my mom in hospice & my cancer battle. I do my best. And I try to walk 2 1/2 miles everyday (1hr) just to breathe which has kept me sane! I’m grateful for everyday, hard or not & to be able to take care of my mom! We miss you & wish you continued success.
    Your jewelry is beautiful as always & your pieces bring me joy❤️

    • Susan Collick
      February 13, 2024

      I’ve always loved your spirit, Melody! You are beautiful through and through. The fact that you can still find time for yourself is an inspiration to us all. I miss you both! Please give your mom a hug for me. I’m sending tons of love to you both. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kandy
    February 13, 2024

    Hi! Nice post! I too never take care of myself. Of course I am the cliche at New Years that says this year will be different. I look back just on the past year and how I said last year was going to be my year of self care. Well it wasn’t! Then again I said it this Jan 1st! Well it is now Feb and still no self care! All I can do is say I am going to keep trying and hopefully one day it will click. I really want to make some changes. Work/life boundaries are huge! This is something that I definitely need to change! I look forward to seeing you soon Susan! We need to hang longer than the few minutes we see each other at a show! Love, Kandy

    • Susan Collick
      February 13, 2024

      Girl! We need to fix us, lol! Being a traveling artist is so hard on the body. (mentally and physically) I know you can do it though. Just start small and when you feel comfortable, add something else to mix. This will be your year, I can feel it!

      I started small the year that my middle daughter graduated from high school. It was a year of focusing just on being present. When I was working I was working, and with the family or friends I had to let go of the guilt of NOT working. I had mixed results, but it got easier as the year progressed. Now I’m to the point where I don’t even bring my computer with me when I go away for the weekend! Last year I continued that focus and decided to drop down to 3 shows. (not as successful as I had hoped, but still progress because I wasn’t missing important family stuff) I have such a loooooong way to go though. The neglect runs deep.

      We definitely need to hang out Kandy! I’m super excited for you with your new studio space. Much love to you my friend! Susan


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