Road Trip! Have Art, Will Travel.

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bridgeOne down, two to go in my end of July/August show schedule! This year I scheduled 3 shows in a row that started off with a road trip to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. The family and I just got back a few days ago from the annual trip to Marquette, MI. It is by far one of my favorite places in Michigan, and crossing ‘The Bridge’ is always cool. Every year Marquette is home to Art on the Rocks, a delightful art show full of talented artists, crazy 5 minute weather and the most supportive community of die-hard art lovers I’ve ever met. As usual, the show didn’t disappoint and I had a great time enjoying the beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Today I’m packing up for my inaugural showing at Brighton’s Fine Art & Acoustic Music Festival. (say that 10 times fast…phew!) I’ll be in booth #706 praying the rain doesn’t make a weekend out of it and bothers somebody else! Show starts today at 5pm and continues through Sunday. Check out my event calendar for more details.

Next week is a show everyone looks forward to, Milford Memories! I’m located in booth #313 near the intersection of Commerce and Main (south-east corner-ish) Hopefully we will detour out of the rainy weather and have some sunshine for this fantastic festival that is perfect for the whole family. Again you can find more information on my events page.

After I travel through my 3 in a row circuit, I’ll have one weekend off then I’m back in my Durango for a  road trip  to Chicago! Yay! First year I’ve been fortunate enough to get into the Bucktown Arts Fest. I’m still doing my happy dance on this one people! Info on this show should be on the calendar soon.

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