Let’s talk inspiration.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to certain things, but can’t quite figure out why? Oh sure, sometimes it’s obvious, like the beautiful pattern of the summer clouds at dusk. You pull out your camera —compelled to preserve the colors and the richness of the moment. Other times you are scrolling through the pictures on your phone and you come across 20 random frames of the same piece of driftwood found on a vacation 5 years ago, but you can’t bear to delete even one of those photos.

I get it.

You aren’t alone! I understand that feeling of being drawn to seemingly random objects for no other reason than their color or texture or pattern. In fact, I live for those connections. They are my creative fuel. They drive my soul and make me think in new and different ways. In short, they are my INSPIRATION.

You have probably experienced the transformation of idea into reality, and you know the process is full of twists and turns. How do you express your ideas? Are you a writer? A painter? A computer whiz?  Not that long ago, I expressed my creativity through the use of a computer, paper and ink. You see, I’m a graphic designer by trade, and my ideas emerged from a sea of paper samples and pantone swatch books. Anticipating the day my project would glide off the printing press was like giving birth to a child. I’d put my whole self into its creation.

Then I experienced an unexpected turn.

Everything changed the day I walked into my local bead store. Not to be dramatic, but my life changed forever. The gemstones were amazing! I discovered a very special connection or kinship with these natural materials. As I walked home, I had no idea that just shy of two years later I would trade in my computer, paper, and ink. They would be replaced by the natural beauty of turquoise, peridot and silver. Daisy Chains Jewelry was born.

If you have ever experienced this type of life shift, you know they can happen out of the blue. You evolve dramatically, yet the changes come easily and feel right. The transition from graphic designer to jewelry designer was not as difficult as you might imagine. And just like you, I still find much of my inspiration in spontaneous relationships. However, instead of interpreting them for the printed page, I interpret them as adornment for your neck, wrist and ears.

Daisy Chains Jewelry is a celebration of  you, me, and the unexpected connections that tie us together. Discovering inspiration in the happy accidents of life. It’s as simple as the way the sun reflects on gemstones, or the pattern of fallen leaves on a frozen lake. The story is in each and every piece I design, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Are you ready to explore with me? Let’s go!

Our Story - About Daisy Chains Jewelry