About Daisy Chains Jewelry

Daisy Chains Jewelry Art Show Booth

Hello! Welcome to my online studio shop. I’m Susan, the designer of Daisy Chains Jewelry. Inside, you will find the results of my creative journey through the world of jewelry design. As you know, the process of translating inspiration into reality is one that takes many twists and turns. The journey is fun and filled with surprises.  Exploring everyday connections in the world around us is what makes me tick. Color, texture, nature, it makes no difference as long as it breathes new life into the designs I offer to you.

Daisy Chains Jewelry celebrates you, me, and the unexpected kernels of inspiration that pepper our daily lives. I invite you to explore it with me!

Are you the kind of person that loves the Daisy Chains look, but you want a piece that is inspired by you? Or maybe you have a special event on the horizon? I’d love to collaborate with you on a custom piece! Let’s start the conversation about your one-of-a-kind design, right now!