Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Arroyo Earrings


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The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Arroyo Earrings hold a lot of symbolism for me. An arroyo is a Spanish term for a dry creek, stream bed, or gulch that will temporarily or seasonally fill with water. Flash flooding is common in these areas after a large thunderstorm. Walking these areas you can often find little treasures that have washed along the edges of the beds. Rocks, sticks, and formations in the earth that have been sculpted by the water.

But, symbolically I think of these stream beds as us; a collection of ups and downs, periodically washed clean by the forces of nature, the things that are out of our control. What’s left in our ‘stream beds’ are the gems. The lessons we have learned and the hope for tomorrow.

These Arroyo Earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver and cut, hammered, oxidized & polished to a rustic finish. A faceted Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone peeks between layers of sterling silver wire-wrapping.

Made to order. Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. Hand-crafted from sterling silver sheet & sterling silver wire. The earrings close with sterling silver leverbacks.

Made to order items ship in 3-5 days.

Earrings measure just shy of 2 inches long

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