Daisy Chains Jewelry & Traverse City a Great Combination!

Posted on May 29, 2014 in General News & Info | One Comment

Wonderful new things are happening in the world of Daisy Chains Jewelry! The most recent is my new jewelry installation at My Secret Stash in Traverse City, MI. Owner and fellow artist Karen Hilt, who is known for her wildly popular line of artisan crafted body care products, has pulled together a groovy group of artists that now call My Secret Stash ‘Home’.


Karen describes the downtown Traverse City storefront as a, “Bohemian Boutique”. What I saw when I first walked up to the Cass Street location was an amazing brick building with gorgeous, large windows that let in tons of natural light. Talk about storefront envy, I had it! Then you walk in. The original wood floors all shiny with fresh coats of lacquer, brick walls with tons of character and of course the wonderful energy that pours out of the place. You just can’t help but smile.

Then of course there is the ART.

My Secret Stash houses over 27  Michigan artists. A trip through the store is a treat for the eyes. I feel  so lucky to be part of this wonderful little collection of artists. So, for all the Traverse City locals, you must take some time and venture down to 122 Cass Street and check out this great little art boutique. And for those of you visiting from out of town, you now have another great reason to visit Traverse City!

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  1. Karen Hilt
    May 30, 2014

    Susan, we are so pleased to have you and thank you for the kind words. The shop truly is bursting full of energy and creativity and more artists are coming in daily. I love that some of your long time customers are finding you here already! We welcome all visitors, and can’t wait for you to pop back in!


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